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Computer Services

Matrix Computer Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of services for .Computers & Desktops

A little known fact is computers should be hardware & software serviced at least ONCE A YEAR! This helps maintain your system to run smoothly, remove unwanted items - that can really slow the system down -help prevent hardware failure and extend the life of the machine and save energy in the process. If your computer or laptop starts taking ages to switch on or open programs then it's way overdue for it's YEARLY service.


Free Network Audit

If you have between 3 and 25 Computer/Laptops - with or whatout a server then let Matrix Computer Solutions Ltd run a FREE AUDIT over your network.

We offer a free audit as we realise that there are many clients out there not receiving the quality service that they expect or pay for. We believe that you will not be disappointed by what and how we deliver our services.

Best of all, our free audits are completely non obligatory so you can either get your existing contractors to fix issues or get us to do it. Its up to you. .